holy shit TELL ME ABOUT YOUR DND CHARACTERS. How many do you have? Who's your favorite to play?



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    Evil underwater demon bananas.

whispers ask me about my dnd characters….

Do you remember your dreams? What are your dreams like? Do you ever dream in a specific way (like reading a book/watching a movie/like you're playing a game)? If that makes sense.

MAN, i remember a surprising amount of my dreams? a lot are interesting enough for me to write down/tweet for me to read through later and just kinda. feel amazed by.

my dreams are usually, like… they’re supert varied, like il have those “shit it’s been three years since i attended that class in highschool my teachers will be SO MAD” kind of dreams but then. i have these other dreams where i’m very obviously not myself and it’s always very fantastical? like one i was in an orphanage in a victorian age place and i remember very clearly getting one of those large cleavers from the house kitchen and i sunk it deep into a man’s shoulder, and later, the orphanage caught on fire? another was where i {or the person i was?} was sacrificed to this elder god, but our remains {there were two of us} were stolen by this mob boss—and we were sewn back together and resurrected as thralls and it was honestly really cool? i enjoyed that dream, even though i died??

i dream like… it’s a screenplay, i guess? like i’ve read the script beforehand and i’m now going through it, and i’m the only one kinda aware? it’s like reading something for a class but being the only one who has even heard of the material. it’s REALLY WEIRD, but i always enjoy it! more or less.

I keep forgetting it's Friday. It feels like Saturday to me. When I was a KID 'truth or dare' was basically a thing that always happened at a sleepover at some point - even if it was just two of us, and despite the fact that truth or dare was basically universally disliked by all of us. Did you do a lot of sleepovers when you were younger? Was there something you and your friends did at every single sleep over you did?

I was the BIGGEST cop out during truth or dare when i was a kid but NOW i’m like “fucking bring it as long as i don’t hurt an animal or a person or myself i will DO IT” but not that. i play truth or dare anymore……

man i STILL do sleepovers, though like. 90% of them are with tinteatime when we’re both in Anchorage l m a o and usually we talk a lot about characters and try and stay up all night and do this thing where we try and beat a game in one night? i remember playing the new tomb raider at her house and it was like six in the morning and we were so close to finishing the game but ohhhh so sleepy

{now we play diablo III tho and try to push through that….}



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Snow Mountain // Super Mario 64

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Reason to Live #280: Autumn, and everything about it. It has always been and forever will be my favourite season. I love proper autumn, not the BC rain - when the sky is a chilly shade of blue, like glacier ice, and the sun is bright enough to set fire to the trees in their ochre glory; when the air has that crisp edge to it, the promise of snow, and is filled with the scent of decaying leaves and sap and pine; when leaves dance in the wind and blow across the ground and gather in heaps that I can jump into, and bury myself in. When we go to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins to carve them, and hay rides, and apple/pumpkin pies, and hot chocolate by the fire. I love the festivity and natural beauty of autumn, and it’s impossible for me to be unhappy on an autumn day like that.

Autumn in BC is another matter. It’s just grey and rains. I miss the autumns I had in Edmonton like this.

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Sirena Beach / Mario Sunshine